Galley Gone

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last night, I sent my revised galley to my editor, complete with acknowledgements, dedication and short bio. Through the process of working with an editor on my first novel, I’ve learned that my MAC and her PC don’t play nicely together, making a ton more work for me. Example: The galleys came through without italics, so I had to insert every ding-dang one by hand. Yesterday I bought Microsoft Office for Mac…editing is about to get a whole lot easier! For now, my novel is ‘finished.’ The galleys are gone!


Last edits: What does ‘last’ mean?

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Is a novel ever finished?  What if I reframed the first scene or reworded the last lines?  Why don’t I re-vision the wording of the this or that dialogue?  Does my reader need more description of this place or that place, of this or that character?

On and on go the questions in an author’s mind.  Couldn’t I improve the story here, there…everywhere?  How many revisions can/should/would a novel undergo?

I like my editor’s view: “Let’s revise the story so it’s as perfect as it can be.” So we did.  After three iterations…my changes, her changes, my changes, her changes and my changes, we’re calling the novel ready to publish.  Sure, it’s hard to let it go.  Remember how J.D. Salinger said CATCHER IN THE RYE wasn’t good enough, and virtually went in to seclusion, a frustrated author.  Not me. Nope.  I’m perfecting my next novel as we speak.  I’ve got stories to tell and readers to entertain.  I’ll work hard on each novel with the help of my editors, but eventually I have to let my books go.  Like the 18 year-olds we send off to college, we HAVE to let them go.  Maybe they aren’t perfect, but they’re out there, taking on a life of their own!

Risk and reward…the delay factor

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In this, my first blog entry, you get to watch me awkwardly take yet another risk.  It’s one thing to sit at my computer and make up stories day after day, wondering if any person besides me will think my product is worthy.  Now that I’ve gotten the call and a publishing company wants to stand behind LAST RESORT, I’m closer to the big reward. But the risks don’t diminish.  Will anyone buy my novel?  Will they enjoy it and tell me so.  Will they be excited to read the next book I’ve written?  More than anything I want to please you with my stories, but if I can’t get them into your hands, our rewards won’t come.

You can see, the demand to risk never ends.  And now, this blog.  Here I don’t write stories.  Here I stick my neck out, telling you truths instead of fiction, struggling with this technology and searching for ways to mate you with my books.  I’m going to stumble; I’ll probably get a bit cranky, too, about the long delay between risk and reward.  Through all this, let’s encourage each other, offering ideas, good humor and hope.  Okay, deep breath taken.  WELCOME TO MY BLOG!


Hello world!

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