February 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

Don’t be mad when I tell you that my apricot, plum, apple and orange trees are blossoming right now.  Here in California, the dormant stage lasts about a nano-second and I must not prune until early February.  I can barely beat the blossoms…in fact, I’m cutting off blossoms as I prune!  It kills me to cut off potential apricots or plums or apples…pruning is the cruelist cut.  We’re told that the fruit will be best if we prune well, but I mourn for the juicy apricot that hasn’t a chance because I cut her/him off at the knee/elbow/wrist.  Anyone who prunes knows what I’m talking about.  I have to admire the suckers that grow straight to the sky, even as I have to cut them off and throw them in the waste bin.


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  • Jamie Ross says:

    Rolynn, We’re not jealous! But I know what you mean about pruning. All that fruit that won’t make it into the jam-pot!

    Here in Granite Falls, there’s still snow in the shady spots, but the scented forest air is almost tangible! “Delicious” is the word my wife uses. She moved up from Stockton in December. Jamie

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